In the town of Frannie, Wyoming, population 212, there were no candidates for mayor.

Well - maybe out of the few people who live there it's just that nobody is interested in the job.

So... now what?

Out of 212 people, not everyone can vote. Some are too young, for example.

So, they write in candidates... or a couple of people write-in candidates. Specifically, one mayoral write-in got 8 votes, the other got 7.


So imagine that you did not run for mayor but you woke up the next morning to find out that you had the job.

This was only the primary election. We still have the general to vote in. So how does the town of Frannie Wyoming proceed?

Steven Richardson and Vance Peregoy were written in by the few voters of Frannie.

Well, at lest the voters of the town had a couple of people in mind for the job.

Steven Richardson is a current city council member and Vance Peregoy is the current mayor.


They will have the chance to advance to the general election with eight and seven votes, respectively.

I might be wrong but I'm betting that neither of them even campaign.

Why would they? Neither of them said they wanted to be mayor. Maybe neither want the job.

John Moore, Getty Images
John Moore, Getty Images

If they do campaign in a town the size of Frannie it won't be hard. There are not that many registered voters. So all they have to do, really, is just have a chat with a few neighbors.

But what if the guy who wins doesn't want the job?

I'm sure everything in Frannie will work out just fine.


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