If you're a beer lover, it's always intriguing when a new innovative beer comes along and piques our interest. But this one...probably not so much.

Everyone's pretty familiar with French's Mustard. It's probably one of the, if not the most popular brand name mustard(s) on the market. It goes great on burgers, hot dogs, brats, and things of that food realm. But as the flavor of a beer? Are we...sure we want that?

French's Mustard has teamed up with Oskar Blues Brewery for the new concoction that will be available for a limited time and released in time for National Mustard Day, which is August 1st. According to the Oskar Blues website:

...It's a semi-tart tropical wheat beer infused with citrus fruits to complement French’s Classic Yellow Mustard. The flavors include hints of key lime, lemon, tangerine, and passion fruit to create a tart, refreshing match of spice and zip of the mustard...

...Hmm okay. The beer will also have an ABV of 5.2 percent per 12-ounce can.

While I must say, as a beer drinker, the idea of mustard beer doesn't exactly sound like something I'd want to use while playing drinking games, I'd at least give it a try. And so far, I've seen relatively positive reviews on it, like this one from Paste Magazine where Jim Vorel had this to say about it:

On the palate, this is bright and immediately refreshing. It’s slightly tart and carried by fruit flavors of mango and passion fruit, with a kiss of sweetness but nothing too syrupy. The mustard shows up here in a way that is more undeniable, an x-factor that works well with the sweetness to give it more of a honey mustard character.

I'm sold. I might just have to purchase the 12-pack they have available through the national craft beer website Craftshack on August 1st. Or if you're wanting to try it at a brewery, you can! Oskar Blues has breweries and taprooms in Boulder, CO and Longmont, CO where you can travel a not-so-terribly far distance to.

It's not exactly the summer beer we asked for, but in 2020, we'll try anything that might be good, right?

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