Especially in Wyoming, a home's surroundings are just as important, if not more so, than what is inside the home. It's safe to say that about the tiniest home for sale in the southeast corner of the Cowboy State. And that is in no way diminishing what the insides of this lovely and peaceful home has to offer.

To say this home looks like it has peaceful surrounding is definitely an understatement. Located on the hills of Buford, Wyoming, it looks like no one is around in every direction for miles and you couldn't be happier with that ideal panoramic view.

This new home was just listed on Zillow in the past week and yes, this most most certainly is the tiniest home for sale in southeast Wyoming. At 672 square feet, this 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home acts like much more than that on the inside and is unquestionably much more than that on the outside.

The home has just undergone a remodel and you can recognize that the second you see it. Zillow had this to say about the listing in the description:

Fresh remodel with updated plumbing, new flooring, walls, paint, bathroom and kitchen, appliances, granite counter tops too. Seller just had a large composite deck built overlooking the valley. just over 37 acres with a live stream and lots of wildlife passing through.

Despite what may seem small, the deck is amazing, and all the surroundings are incredible. The house is currently listed on Zillow for $300,000 at 63 Klondike Rd in Buford. But that's enough talk about this place, let's see it...

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