It's motorcycle season in Wyoming.

You can hear their mating call. VROOM -- ROOOMMBAMAMAMAMAAAaaaaa!

As these bikers drive past each other on the highways and back roads you'll see them raise, or lower, their arms and you'll see some hand gestures.

Have you ever wondered what they are saying as they pass each other?

Here is a "handy" guide. Yes, pun intended.

Let's start with the two fingers that look like a peace sign. That's like a handshake between bikers who do not ride the same kind of bikes but are still fellow bikers.

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At times the same hand gesture is used but in a different position.

If you see a biker flashing a fellow biker the peace sign but the arm is extended down toward the ground, this means "keep the rubber side down."

That's like saying "ride safe my friend."

Another way to think of that sign is wishing the other rider "safe travels."

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They are not always talking to other bikers.

There are times they are talking to folks in those 4 wheeled contraptions.

If you see a biker making his way through traffic and he hangs his leg out and wags it, he is saying "thanks for giving me space."

You might have thought he was just stretching but he might have actually been saying something to you if you knew the lingo.

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Some biker's signals are meant for people riding the same machine.

You might see a Harley rider lower his arm and make a fist as he passes another Harley rider.

That is a hello gesture of a fellow Harley bother.

Different biker brands offer each other different "club member" hand signals.

Watch for a hand pushing down meaning, warning "slow down."

An outstretched arm with the hand waving up means "speed up."

David McNew - Getty Images
David McNew - Getty Images

Hazard in the road is a hand point to the road on the left side, but a toe point to the road on the right side. The rider can't hand point on the right side, that hand is holding the throttle.

A group of bikers might have its leader point up with one finger meaning "we need to form a single file line." That might be for safety reasons when being spread out is not safe.

A thumb pointed toward the mouth and the head lifted back means "I need a food & drink break."

A helmet pat means "cops ahead."

For a few more tips on what bikers are doing and why watch this fun and informative video by the Youtube channel Bright Side.

So now you know a little about what these guys are saying to each other.

You know that one-fingered salute that you might get if you make one of them mad. I did not think I needed to explain that one.

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