This is a good year for fall leaves in Wyoming. Unfortunately it is also a dry year, so as we go through this list, check for areas that might be experiencing wildfires.

Here are a few trips you could take this weekend:

Down in south-central Wyoming, in Carbon County, is Wyoming's famous Aspen Alley, which provides a few simple highways that make the perfect day trip. It's a beautiful 57 mile stretch of the Battle Pass Scenic Byway filled with aspen trees. Bring a lunch. Make many stops. Drive out to the tiny yet historic town of Encampment, where you can take a moment to visit the Grand Encampment Museum while you are out there.

Oxbow Bend is one of the most photographed areas in Grand Teton National Park. The trees up that way are more than just yellow - you'll find many different shades of red as well. You'll find a wonderful view of Mt. Moran and aspen trees reflecting in the Snake River. Oxbow Bend is just east of Jackson Lake Junction on Highway 89.

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The Big Horn Mountains have a lot to offer. You can try Paradise Ranch in Buffalo. That area provides wonderful fall colors. For that matter, so does the town of Buffalo, and that is always a great stop. At Paradise Ranch you can ride horses up into the hill and under the changing colors.

On the east side of the state you can experience Devils Tower in fall colors. Since that area is part of the Black Hills, you can drive into Spearfish South Dakota and hike Spearfish Canyon along its river to see the waterfalls in fall colors.

Let's not forget Casper Mountain. A good idea is to take a picnic to Bear Trap Meadow. That spot is easy to find and provides great camping. The aspens provide some amazing orange up there.

Photos of Historic Wyoming Horse Races

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