WOW, really she gave me GOOSEBUMPS!

Not just because of the way she played that guitar. Listen for the finer notes as she strums and plucks that instrument.

But the way she sang was beyond her years.

The story in the song she sang was captivating.

There is a lot of natural talent and hard work on display. That much is obvious.

Marinna Mori is talented and poised beyond her years.

Here she sings "Buckskin Horse" by Dave Stamey, who was on this same show with her at the 36th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in 2020.

As young as she is in this video, which was recorded 2 years ago, she started even younger.

Looking this young lady up on YouTube If found a video from 6 years ago.

She was good back then, as young as she was.

That video, which is below, also gave me goosebumps.

Do we have a child prodigy here?

Are we going to see her on the Nashville scene at some point?

She could if she wants it.

Marinna MoriI is a 12-year-old singer, guitarist and poet who lives and works on her family's ranch near Tuscarora, Nevada. A fourth-generation rancher.

So her cowgirl look is legit.

So are the songs that she sings.

Even at that young age, she is singing what she knows.

There are only a few videos out there of her.

But if you figure that she lives and works on the family ranch, has school, then getting out there to sing is a little difficult in this state of her life.

Here is another video of her singing in 2021 at the 35th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

The song is the classic Red River Valley.

What's the music scene?

It's very possible that we will hear more from this young lady as he grows up.

Other prodigies are that trio from Buffalo Wyoming.

The Prairie Wildfire Band started writing their own songs when they were in their early teens.

Now they are an up-and-coming band with music on the Nashville charts.

Below is their latest music video, recorded in Wyoming near their hometown.

attachment-Praire Wildfire Band Video 1

The ladies of Buffalo Wyoming, Prairie Wildfire Band, continue to crank out their hit songs on the Bluegrass Music charts.

This time with a little help from a new video they just released on social media.

Shot with a green grass background of Wyoming with the Bighorn Mountains behind them, and an old rusty pickup truck to set the scene for their song "What You Gonna Do With A Cowboy?"

The song is one of their best, the video brings to the listener the land that gives these ladies their inspiration.

Watch the video below.

Prairie Wildfire was formed in 2015 as the original band. PW is from Buffalo, Wyoming, and offers a blend of folk, bluegrass, country, and gospel.

With vocalist Sage Palser on mandolin, vocalist Morgan Blaney on bass, and vocalist Tessa Taylor on banjo, these dynamos have honed their harmonies, filled out their sound with original instrumentation, and written many of their own tunes.

The song in the video is their latest hit release.

The Blue Grass music scene from Nashville and across the Appalachian mountains, into Kentucky and the Carolinas plus Virginia and West Virginia love these ladies.

They are also a favorite here, way out West, as their schedule is filled with local gigs across Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas.

You can find out more about their music and appearances on their Facebook page.

Visit their website to learn more about their albums and videos plus where they will be appearing next.

If you are ever in Buffalo, where the ladies still live, you can catch them at a local jam now and then, just for the fun of it and love of music,

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