In the last few months that Toby Keith had on Earth, he spoke with a hopeful attitude about beating cancer and getting on with his life.

During one interview he was asked about the first song he ever wrote.

Toby's been a songwriter since he was a teenager.

His life took many turns before he finally dove into country music.

Keith worked as a roughneck in the oil fields of Oklahoma as a young man, then played semi-pro football before launching his career as a singer.

All of that life experience gave him something to write about.

It wasn't bad. It was structured right. But it wasn't very good either.

Toby's friends thought it was a good song.

But in Toby's opinion, it was just a song, not a great song.

That was 5000 songs ago, said Toby.

Toby Keith passed away at 62.

A post on his website stated he died on Monday surrounded by family, adding:

He fought his fight with grace and courage.

Toby had been suffering from stomach cancer. He announced his diagnosis in June of 2022, saying that he had been in treatment for six months by that point.

There are many internet tributes to Toby Keith.

There can be no doubt that he'll be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Here is a link to his YouTube page and the greatest songs he performed. Many he wrote himself.

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