It's one of the biggest shows in television history. Usually, when something gets this big the producers start looking for ways to expand the story for their hungry audience.

Recently, it was announced that “Yellowstone” will expand with a second prequel series called “1932.”

They are already airing one sequel on Paramount+ called “1883”.

Den of Geek is now wondering if the “Yellowstone” universe is growing too large. Can they keep the quality up? Will the audience suffer burnout?

Paramount Network via YouTube
Paramount Network via YouTube

“1883” is airing now and “1932” and “6666,” which we saw the seeds of in season four of “Yellowstone,” are both in development. Is that too much?

It is said that Yellowstone is so big because it does not stray into a bunch of nonsense that people don't want to hear about from Hollywood. The show is just good entertainment. The same goes for the spin off's.

For the sake of the fans, let's hope the show never gets Hollywood preachy. Let's hope the writers and producers have realized the formula that works and know how to stick with it.

Here is the co-creator of Yellowstone talking about spin off's and the thought process going into creating them.

In the video, the cocreator of Yellowstone talks about looking for a forgotten part of the American experience and telling that story.

These old West stories are a lot different than the Western TV shows and movies that were produced several generations ago. The storytelling style is quite different, and fans love it.

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