is one of my favorite Wyoming bloggers to follow.

Carol lives on a Wyoming Cenntenial Ranch (this means the ranch has been in the same family for over 100 years), located outside of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

She posts daily on her site and shares the ins and outs of her life in rural Wyoming.

Lately, she has been posting videos of her life on Instagram.

And while the ones with baby calves are definitely my favorite, I was shocked to see THREE Mountain Lions hanging out on the road near her house in a recent video.


In an article Carol posted on her website she shared a few more details about the encounter.

[When] I drove home from work last week. It was dark. Up ahead I see eyes glowing in my headlights and I start to slow down. Probably deer on the road...NOPE. Finally, I see them. Three kittens. Not MY lions. Younger, maybe yearlings? Mom was no where in sight.

When Carol talks about "MY lions" she means they aren't the ones she has seen multiple times near her ranch.

Like many ranchers, Carol is torn between awe about the encounter and fear for her livestock.

At the end of her post, she said "I hope they stay away from everyone’s livestock. I hope they remain elusive… and lovers of venison."

I think we can all agree with those thoughts.

Here is a video she posted on her YouTube channel of a compilation of her most recent Mountain Lion sightings.

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