Lunchtime, Cheyenne Wyoming.

Let's go find someplace to eat that is not a chain restaurant.

Let's treat ourselves to a locally owned lunch counter-style establishment.

Nothing too pricey. Home-made food and the waitress calls you honey.

YEAH, that kind of place.

These are the top 5 suggestions as given to us by Wake Up Wyoming Listeners.

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel with Egg Bacon and Cheese

1) Mort's Bagels. 1815 Carey Ave. Downtown. One of the most well-loved places to eat in Cheyenne.

All of the bagels are fresh. They start with breakfast sandwiches and go through lunch until the bagels run out.

CAUTION! They do run out of bagels often because of the popularity of the place.

2) Capitol Cuisine Cheyenne Wyoming, also located in Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming on Capital Ave.

This is not your typical burger joint. They find unusual ways to serve up all the lunch foods you love.

Most of what they serve is made fresh on site. This is not some frozen then thawed burger joint.

gourmet bacon and blue cheese burger

3) Pour Decisions Bar & Grill. 4503 Western Way, Suite G Cheyenne.

You've got to love that name.

Right at the top of the menu is written: "This is not a fast-food restaurant. Our food is made fresh to order. Our fries are fresh-pressed."

Everything else on the menu is prepared in-house as well.


4). Penny's Diner 1625 Stillwater Ave Cheyenne

This place is a true retro diner. Great for breakfast. They do traditional American-style lunch that you'll love.

Old movie posters and pictures from the 1950s will keep your eyes wandering as the rockabilly plays.

5). 2 Doors Down 118 East 17th Street, Cheyenne.

From their website: With the hospitality of the world’s greatest neighbors, Cheyenne natives Jerry and Sandy Inniss serve up fantastic made-to-order food while you kick back, chit-chat, play games, talk shop, or just plain hang out. Open in 2009, 2 Doors Down, was two doors down from their other popular restaurant, Pizzeria Venti.

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