What you see in the picture above is the recreation of an actual event that took place in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. As horrifying as this scene is you can now buy it online. Just follow this link.

This recreation of what is now known as The Wyoming Gnome Massacre of '08, took place when a family of gnomes decided to take a break from tending to the garden of a home in Wallaby, Wisconsin. They packed up and, well, actually- I have no idea how gnomes travel... but they got here!

The first few days of their visit to Yellowstone were wonderful. But then...

The first three gnomes died when they went to inspect Old Faithful. They took it to be an entrance to middle earth, where their cousins, the Dwarves, reside. They weren't down there long before their burnt corpses were shot a hundred feet into the air.

Things went downhill after that.

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Several more were trampled by bison. Two were killed by baby wolves. One was taken against his will by a little tourist girl back to her New York City apartment. She named him Mikie and swore she loved him and would never let him go.

Distraught after so many of their group had met such horrible fates they saw a big black bear and decided they all needed a hug.

This tragic moment, when the last of the gnomes died, has been captured in his sculpture for all time and is now being sold in limited numbers.

But Who would want such a thing? Perhaps people who live in Wyoming, because it amuses them. Who knows?

Here is a full-size look at this historic recreation.

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