Parents have been filling out paperwork to allow their kids to attend Teton Science School summer camp

The Ten Sleep Wyoming camp is for sixth graders that will attend in Jackson.

Classes begin April 10 meeting of the Washakie County School District No. 2 Board of Trustees.

It was the gentleman who is to drive the bus for the trip who raised concerns over the sign-up form.

“When you sign up to go to Teton now it asks you your gender preference. It’s just disturbing,” said Dan Hampton

He is thinking twice about the summer camp program because he “doesn’t want to subject the kids to this.”

Ruthann Carter showed a paper that was sent home to parents to explain what the Teton Science School summer camp is about, including a segment on ‘inclusivity practices.' She read it out loud to the board.

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The camp will offer -

“Trans and gender non-conforming individuals an opportunity to share their gender pronouns in settings where they are introducing themselves.”

“They don’t care about the kids that have to try to figure out the pronoun,” she said.

“I’m not against transgenders, I don’t care what you do, just don’t preach it to my grandkids or any of the kids,” she added. (Rocket Miner).

Carter called and spoke to a representative of the Teton Science School.

She found out that there was indeed a full-time transgender employee, and was informed that there would be transgender summer workers participating in the trip.

Carter asked the board to consider canceling the trip.

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This is why society is where it is; we let these little things inch by and nobody takes a stand. It would be easy now to let this go on, let the kids go and continue associating with this place, but it’s time to take a stand.”

School Superintendent Annie Griffin said all parents of sixth graders going to the camp have been made aware by a phone call from teacher Wade Moore of the language used to describe inclusion at the camp. Students Ten Sleep sends to the camp will not participate in any activities at the camp that fall outside of approved material for their curriculum. (Rocket Miner).

Administrative assistant Neysha Lyman added, “As a mom of a sixth grader, it is concerning.”

Parents are individually deciding if this is for them and their kids or not.

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