If all goes as planned Former President Donald Trump will be in Wyoming at a May 28 rally in Wyoming for Harriet Hageman.

But one prominent Republican Party leader says the event cannot be sponsored by the party. That would be a violation of election law.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Virginia Beach
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Hageman was once a supporter of Liz Cheyenne. But now she is running against her and former President Donald Trump has endorsed Hageman.

At this time there has not been an announcement as to where the rally will be held.

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Gillette attorney Tom Lubnau, the former speaker of the Wyoming House, objected to the party sponsoring a Trump-Hageman rally before the Aug. 16 primary.

“I think it is a violation of the statute that says that a state party can’t use any resources directly or indirectly to influence an election until after the primary,” Lubnau said. “But I was the only one to raise the objection.” (WyoFile).

Mr. Lubnau does have a point.

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Wyoming statute 22-25-104 (2013). “No political party funds shall be expended directly or indirectly in the aid of the nomination of any one person as against another person in the same political party running in the primary election.”

Still, many at a recent meeting in Buffalo Wyoming would like to see Mr. Trump in the state, anyway.

There has not been an official announcement of a date or time for the event. So a lot is still up in the air.

“But certainly Harriet Hageman is grateful for his endorsement and strong support and knows that Wyomingites will be thrilled when he does come,” Murtaugh told WyoFile. “It will be the biggest political event Wyoming has ever seen.”

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