Nastya Tyman is a Ukrainian mechanic and auto blogger, but since Russia's invasion, Nastya's content has taken a turn. She recently uploaded videos with "life hacks" on how to start an abandoned Russian armored vehicle and how to drive it off.

That's right, she shows exactly how to start up the tank and drive off with it.

Apparently, she has done this more than once.

We will link the original video at the end, but for the English translation here is a handy Youtube video with an English-speaking commentator.

Russian vehicles of all sorts have been running out of fuel and are being left abandoned all over Ukraine.

Angry Ukrainian citizens are having fun with it. There is this video of a farmer towing away a tank.

Then there is this video of someone driving by Russian soldiers sitting by their tanks, in the middle of the road, because they have all run out of fuel.

At times like these Russian soldiers seem rather friendly. They even joke with the driver as he stops to chat with them.

BY THE WAY, the Ukrainian government has declared any Russian equipment seized by the public to be not reportable and TAX-FREE!

Keep it, sell it, WHATEVER!

But now let's get back to our girl as she shows us how to start an armored Russian vehicle and drive it off.

A bit hard to push the peddles because she is short. But it is so much fun to watch her drive it off.


We have to admire the Ukrainian people at this point. They have the guts to stand up to the Russians and are having fun doing it at the same time.

To be fair, most Russian soldiers really do not want to be invading Ukraine, and it shows.

Here is the original video:

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