A Casper man was bearing the Wyoming wind and the occasional heckler in order to show his support for Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, while also condemning Vladimir Putin and former president Donald Trump.

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He goes by 'Jax,' and Jax has some things to say about the current political climate.

"I'm here to help Liz Cheney defend and protect our democracy from those who would tear it down and destroy it," Jax said, standing near the corner of Wyoming Boulevard and 2nd Street. "Liz Cheney is conservative. I'm here because when we talk about loyalty - I hear a lot about loyalty, I hear that word a lot these days - and who is Liz Cheney loyal to? She's loyal to our Republic, to our democracy, to our constitution, and to our freedom."

Jax said that the events that occurred on January 6, 2021 were the exact opposite of democracy and freedom.

"Nathan Hale was a very famous Revolutionary War hero," Jax offered. "And before the British executed him, he said 'I regret that I have but one life to give to my country.' January 6 was not democracy. It was the exact opposite. I feel sorry for [those who stormed the Capitol] because I guess they've forgotten what this country is about and what we fought for. We fought against the forces of tyranny, against the kind of people that would attack our capitol. So, this is about defending our democracy."

Jax said that democracy is a government of the people. He said that democracy is about holding elections, voting, and respecting the results of those votes.

"Nobody stormed our Capitol in 2016, so why did it happen on January 6?" he asked. "It should have never happened and it cannot happen again. We cannot let it happen. Democracy is about loving your country and respecting and accepting the results of our elections. That's what democracy is."

So, in Jax's opinion, could what happened on January 6 happen again?

"It could happen again, and those who inspired it will continue to inspire that kind of behavior," he said. "The former, disgraced, twice-impeached president was impeached by the House of Representatives for inciting insurrection. That is a fact. And the people who breached the Capitol ground and stormed the Capitol, bashed through windows and doors, attacked our police officers; they showed us who they supported. We know who they supported."

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