It's not easy to be a traffic cone. If you don't believe me, check out what happened to one that was stolen recently by a pack of Yellowstone wolves.

A few days ago, I shared video from a tour group that showed a couple of Wapiti Wolf Pack members that swiped a traffic cone that the National Park Service had deployed near an area where the wolves had taken down a bison. Here's what an eyewitness shared in the video description about what they saw:

Some of the members of the Wapiti Wolf Pack were feeding on a bison carcass. They had taken one of the traffic cones several days prior from the road.

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Did the wolves just drop the cone? Nope. They took it back to the pack and this is what transpired.

If you follow the Yellowstone wolf packs, you might be interested to know that Yellowstone Wolf now lists a half dozen new pups that have been added to the Wapiti Wolf Pack over the past few months.

Wolves always seem to be a hot topic in Yellowstone. Many wildlife fans cheer their reintroduction back into the park over 25 years ago. Many ranchers aren't happy about having these apex predators near their land again. I understand and am sympathetic to both sides, but I always enjoy watching these pack interactions and the dynamic of how the wolf packs operate.

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