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The following story and accompanying video features graphic subject matter regarding child pornography, molestation, and violent rape. Reader discretion is advised.

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A video published to YouTube details a 19-year-old Cheyenne man getting arrested, after meeting a vigilante group who were posing as an 11-year-old girl named Emily.

The video, entitled 'WORST PRED EVER Brings KNIFE To Do Horrific Things To INFANT & Eat Their POOP Arrested.' reveals that 19-year-old Clayton Tanner showed up to an apartment complex believing he was meeting an 11-year-old girl named 'Emily' for the purposes of sexual intercourse.

The video begins with the group, called the Predator Poachers immediately confronting Tanner, albeit in a relatively nonchalant way. They spoke to him as if they were old friends, but Tanner soon found out that they were anything but.

The leader of the group, Alex, introduced himself and his friends to Tanner, telling him they used to be roommates at the complex. He then pulled out printed documents that, presumably, were the messages exchanged between Tanner and who he thought was a child.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Photo Courtesy of YouTube

"Alright Clayton, I have your messages to Emily I need to talk to you about," he stated.

He told Tanner that they were filming the interaction for his safety.

"I think we should have a conversation," Alex stated. "We're not here to hurt you but we are here to have a talk. I'm sure you know about what, is that correct?"

Tanner stated that he wasn't sure.

"We're here to talk about Emily," Alex said.

"Oh, okay," Tanner responded.

Alex then asked Tanner if he brought "the knife," which Tanner did. The man asked Tanner to hand it over to him. Tanner complied.

"Well Clayton, obviously this can go one of two ways," Alex said. "It can go the route where you're completely in denial, which is gonna probably be a lot harder for you. Or you can go the route where you're completely honest and we can get this resolved together, okay?"

Tanner said he would be honest.

"Am I in trouble?" he asked.

"I don't think you need trouble, I just think you need help," Alex responded.

Alex then asked Tanner when his attraction to minors started, and Tanner said he didn't know. Alex asked if Tanner had been molested, and Tanner stated that he was.

"He's in prison," Tanner said. "He was my mom's boyfriend at the time."

Tanner said he was 4 years old at the time of his own abuse.

Tanner, at first, denied viewing or sending child porn, but Alex pointed out that Tanner did send child porn files to 'Emily,' and Tanner eventually agreed that he did.

Alex then asked for Tanner to give him his phone which, he alleged, had files on it. Tanner complied.

He stated that the phone was his mom's, because the police had his phone.

"Are they investigating you?" Alex asked.

Tanner said yes, but stated that it was not related to anything to do with children. Alex pressed the issue, and Tanner eventually admitted that he had been to jail as the result of something to do with children, but that he had "gotten it down to a misdemeanor."

Tanner said he had been exchanging child pornography files with "a 17-year-old girl," who eventually "got scared and told somebody."

Alex asked Tanner if he thought he was "f*cked up."

Tanner said no. He also said that, due to the misdemeanor of "having child pornography," he spent 9 days in jail.

Alex asked if Tanner went to school with the girl he was exchanging files with, and he said he used to, but that he graduated.

Alex fist bumped Tanner and congratulated him.

The whole video played like a semi-casual interview which was...unusual, given the subject matter.

Alex asked how young the subjects of the pornography Tanner collected were.

"Stuff as young as infants, I presume?" Alex asked.

"I think so," Tanner said.

"So, little babies?" Alex responded.

"I think, like, 5 [years old]" Tanner replied.

Alex then asked Tanner if he'd been accused of doing thing in person with the 17-year-old girl.

"No, I was too scared," Alex replied. But then he admitted to dating a 12-year-old girl when he was 17. He called the girl "one of my friends." Tanner stated that he never did anything physical with the girl, just sent 'nudes' back and forth, and that they knew each other from church.

Tanner admitted to having various forms of social media, including Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and more. Alex inferred that Tanner was banned from Instagram for sending child pornography. Tanner also admitted to sending photos of his genitals to who he presumed to be Emily, the 11-year-old girl.

"I don't wanna go to jail either," Tanner stated.

"I don't have any handcuffs," Alex said.

Alex reiterated that honesty was the best policy, and Tanner agreed.

Alex then referenced the knife that Tanner brought with him to the meeting.

"Let's cut through the bullsh*t with these message, and let's cut straight to this," Alex said while holding the knife. "No pun intended. Just kidding, pun intended."

Alex asked Tanner if he intended to use the knife in a sexual manner with the person he believed to be Emily.

Tanner said yes.

Alex also asked if Tanner intended to use the knife on Emily's infant sister, but Tanner said no.

Various words were bleeped out, so it was unclear what else Tanner intended to do with the implement.

"Do I get to keep my knife?" Tanner asked.

The knife, in question, featured the confederate flag on the handle.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Then, Alex brought up another idea that Tanner had wanted to perform with Emily.

"And then it was mentioned that, you know, you wanted her to lick your [redacted] with poop in it," Alex said. "Is that just a fetish you have?"

"It's a weird one, yes," Tanner admitted.

"Hey, we've all got fetishes man," Alex responded. "Some are weirder than others, but we've all got 'em, alright?"

The two then fist bumped again.

Tanner did look somewhat dejected as he did it though.

"I'm willing to get help," he said.

Alex then asked if Tanner also wanted to perform the same act on Emily, but Tanner said he didn't know, he didn't remember.

"Well," Alex began, "I think you've gotten yourself into some pretty deep sh*t without even licking anything."

Not impressed with Alex's type of humor, Tanner stated that he "want[ed] to go home."

"Well, I'm not keeping you here but I'm just saying I have these messages and I think it's in your best interest to talk," Alex responded. "But if you want to hightail your ass anywhere, I can't stop you. But if we're gonna address this together, I think the best option is for you to stay."

Alex then proceeded to have a heart to heart with Tanner. He asked Tanner to look him in the eye, which Tanner did.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Photo Courtesy of YouTube

"This isn't flattering, alright?" Alex began. "This doesn't look good. But goddamn it, I appreciate your honesty. I know your mom wonders, but she raised you well, okay? I'm glad you're in church. I'm glad they teach you to be honest, because everybody has demons. You weren't here to kill anybody. Every killer on earth is worse than you, okay? You know this can be the worst and best day of your life, right? You know it can go up from here?"

Then, they fist bumped again.

"So with Emily, after the cutting was to occur, had she been okay with it, you would have sucked her blood?"

"Yes," Tanner replied.

Alex asked if Tanner identified himself as a vampire, and Tanner said yes.

Alex continued to ask Tanner about the ideas exchanged between himself and the person who he believed was an 11-year-old girl. Then, they exchanged small-talk for a while. Eventually, though, the police showed up.

An officer arrived, and Alex immediately handed over Tanner's knife and cell phone, telling the officer that the phone had numerous files on it, and also adding that Tanner was on probation.

Tanner was arrested on the spot.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Photo Courtesy of YouTube

According to a previous report from Joy Greenwald with KGAB, Tanner was taken into custody, but was released from jail on July 7 due to formal charges not being filed.

He was re-arrested on July 11 for a misdemeanor warrant for probation violation, and he was charged with possession of child pornography and soliciting to engage in illicit sexual relations.

His bond was set at $25,000 cash and his preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 20 at 3:00 p.m.

The full video of the interaction can be seen below, but viewer discretion is advised as the subject matter is graphic and unsettling:

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