I think Liz Dragon of the website Outdorsy has spring fever. She just published an article naming what she thinks are the prettiest State Parks worth visiting this spring, in each state.

So when you think of which park is the best in Wyoming it is tempting to think of parks that are federally owned. I made that mistake at first as I searched her article. Think of a park owned by the state of Wyoming. Which one would you pick?

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I like the way Liz thinks. She chose-

Wyoming — Curt Gowdy State Park Three reservoirs make up Curt Gowdy State Park— Granite, Crystal, and North Crow. The reservoirs make it a great park for water sports and fishing. While 35-miles of trails lead the way for mountain bikers and hikers alike. Decorated by hidden waterfalls and rocky trails, Curt Gowdy is packed with adventure. (Outdorsy).

I've been to Gowdy many times and have even camped there. Still, I have not seen it all. Great hiking and boating or a small paddle water craft if that is what you like. If you like fishing you will love this park.

If you have spring fever like Liz I'd suggest adding Curt Gowdy State park to your list of must see adventures. Plan to stay for a while or plan to go back more than once. You'll never see it all the first time.

ALSO- There are many other great places to see around Curt Gowdy.

Just up the road is Vedauwoo. That place will blow your mind.

Make sure to take county road 101 and find the Upper North Crow Reservoir. Follow this map to find it. You won't regret it or forget it.

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