It's game time this weekend, as we all know. Sunday marks Superbowl LIV (I did have to Google that but it still makes me feel savvy) and while I may not be very involved in the game itself, I always look forward to socializing at a party. Food, drinks, friends, enemies, maybe both to keep it interesting; I grew up dreading my dad's sport parties with his friends, but now that I'm old enough to carry a proper conversation, I really miss the atmosphere. It's a great break from our work weeks.

And I'm not even interested in the game, so the excitement true fans feel must be unrivaled.

But after all the eating and drinking and shouting, Monday comes, and while every supermarket or food outlet in the country is determined to cater for YOUR Superbowl, it's Walmart that is looking out for your post-bowl recovery too.

While placing my own grocery order yesterday on the chain's website, I saw this category at the bottom of the page (note the category title):

The Pedialite and Gatorade really shows an understanding of the Superbowl audience. It's a good starting point, and credit is due to Walmart for taking care of all their customers.

**I'm making some easy sweets for the party I'm attending, like these puppy chow krispie treats and snickerdoodle cookies. But if you need some savory-snack ideas, here's a few last minute apps and dips to keep the crowd happy. Stay safe, have fun, enjoy the game!

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