Maybe I'm more naïve than I thought, but I didn't know deer could do this. A new video shows a big buck defying gravity and scarfing berries off of a tree.

It appears that this buck moment happened somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.

In typical easy going Canadian fashion, the person in the video didn't seem to think this was anything unusual:

A local buck deer feeding on berries from a tree in our yard.

I knew deer could jump. Grand View Outdoors estimates that a strong buck could jump as high as 8 feet. I just don't usually expect to see a deer being so balanced in trying to get something out of a tree. That's more of a bear thing in my mind. Obviously my mind was wrong. Breaking news: not the first time this has happened.

QDMA had an interesting article about deer agility. Run up to 40 mph? Yep. Jump as far as 30 feet. Definitely possible. Eat berries from a tree while balancing on their hind legs. You can now add that to the list also.

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