Having thumbs is a huge deal, think of all the things you're able to do just because you have them.

  • Hold things like a back scratcher
  • Give someone a thumbs up
  • Hitch hike
  • Eating
  • Help in a fight
  • Golf
  • Swing a bat

Unfortunately for animals like bison, they don't have thumbs and can't do any of the listed, especially holding a back scratcher. If bison could use a back scratcher when they get an itch, life would be so much easier and more pleasant.

Since they don't have thumbs, they have to use whatever they can to find relief when they have an itch. Like rub up against things that are close, like poles or even prickly plants.

You may be wondering why a bison would itch bad enough to rub up against whatever they can...good question.

When spring starts to warm up the air, bison start to shed their winter coat. The winter coat is so thick, it's said that when the bison is covered in snow, it will not melt from the heat of the bison's skin. Think about how cold it gets during a Wyoming winter and then add that fierce Wyoming wind to the mix. The thicker the coat, the more likely the beast is to survive a blizzard, sub-zero temps and 50 mile an hour winds.

If you've ever seen a bison in late spring, there's a good chance they look like they may not be healthy because of splotchy hair. Actually, the longer hair you're seeing is actually what is left of their winter coat that has yet to fall out.

Nature is such a cool thing, knowing how they need to adjust they're bodies to accommodate the different weather types is interesting .

Here are some of those large buggers doing their best to take care of that itch.

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