You can't take the endorsement part seriously. Not even Al Franken Does. But he has something he wants to say about Liz and the Republican party. So he uses Liz to do it.

He made a Youtube video endorsing her, which you can watch below.

Comic. Cast member of Saturday Night Live. Former senator. Was defeated - clobbered really - after his first term as senator. A person who has always lacked all credibility he then tried to get back into entertainment.

So here is what Al had to say about Liz, Trump, and Republicans.

WARNING - Al Franken makes sound outrageous claims about Republicans in the capital on January 6th.

You can even see at the bottom of his tweet:

But I think Al Franken's support will carry a lot of weight with WY Republicans.

Sarcasm ALERT? I think he knows that his opinion about Liz does not carry any weight with any Republican, much less anyone in Wyoming.

In the above video, he has a lot to say about January 6th and many other issues where he greatly differs from conservatives. The video covers a lot of ground and is very - very - loosely based in fact.

After writing this I began wondering what Al Franken has been doing these days.

I go to his website to find out he's actually on tour again as a comic. Not all of his dates are in comedy clubs. In many cases, he is appearing in a larger theater. Quite a few people want to see him. Many of his appearances are sold out.

He also hosts a podcast and has some big-name guests. But then again he made some big-name friends in Hollywood.

If Al wanted a stab of attention for endorsing Liz, he got it. News outlets of all sorts have carried this one lone tweet. All of them point out that this is obviously a joke.

As for Liz Cheney, not a single word from her on the Al Franken endorsement. She probably heard about it and rolled her eye up in her head and sighed.

This close to election day Liz needs credible help. Not distraction.

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