Frankly, I'm with the bull on this one.

He just wants to be left alone. Yet here he is surrounded by all these screaming human things, some of whom want to hop on his back.

He just wants people to get off his back.

Then there is the loud music and those weird rodeo clowns.


While it is fun to watch the bull escape and tear through areas that are supposed to be fenced off, it is even more fun to watch the reaction of the people.

Useless screaming abounds.

One guy reaches over from the stands and waves his hat at the bull as it charges by. Don't know what that was supposed to do.

Folks who are REALLY out of shape try to run and even climb gates. I wonder how many of them promised to go to the gym after that.

The bull was finally cornered and put back in a pen. But he did not go easily.

attachment-Florida State Fail Bull Youtube

I wonder if the other bulls and horses were watching this and rooting him on.

He's probably a hero among his fellow bulls after pulling this stunt.

For the record, nobody was hurt.

This bull was not trying to kick butt. He just wanted to get his butt out of there. Maybe find a nice green pasture with a creek near buy and some pretty cows he could make friends with. That's all any bull really wants.

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