It's not all bad news out there in the world.

There are a lot of wonderful people doing wonderful things.

Sometimes the simplest little act can go a long way and will be remembered, for a lifetime.

Raleigh North Carolina, road workers are digging a deep hole in the middle of the street. Because that's what they do.

An excited little boy wants to go get a closer look.

Mom brings him out to see the work and keeps him at a safe distance.

The boy has a dump truck just like some of the trucks on site.

He brings his dump truck out and places it where it can be seen by the workers.

It's a show of solidarity.

Then- you'll need to grab a hanky for this, what happens next will bring a little tear to your eye.

The backhoe operator sees the boy and sees his little yellow dump truck.

The operator expertly grabs just enough dirt to fill the little toy and turns his rig that way.

Watch the excitement that comes rushing from the boy as his little dump truck is filled with dirt.

I'm thinking this machine operator has kids of his own.

Look closely and you'll see the kid dancing with joy.

Mom has to hold him back, he wants to go rushing out to get his truck.

That kid is one of the crew now.

attachment-WRAL Toy Truck Youtube 1

The shovel turns away and Mom escorts the excited boy to go get his truck.

This video made the local news.

Thanks to WRAL TV for posting this video.

This little boy will be talking about this moment for the rest of his life.

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