I've often looked at tall chain-linked fencing with barbed wire on top and laughed at how utterly useless it is.

Honestly, anyone or anything that wants to get over, through, or under that fence can do it with ease.

That includes bears.

I'm not sure why this came up on my social media feed, but here are several videos for you of bears climbing up a fence and over the wire at the top.

This remarkable moment took place in Anchorage, Alaska.

Didn't that bear see the no trespassing sign?

I'd also like to know what exactly is on the other side of that fence that the bear thinks is so interesting.

Take a good look at how the animal's weight is pulling down on the fence and the wire. Repairs will need to be done. I wonder if the repairmen will know that a bear did this.

Here is another video for you shot by someone that happened to be driving by at just the right time.

According to some captions on this video, the bear is climbing a fence at a Florida Airforce base.

Are these Russian bears breaking into military facilities? Should we be worried?

Notice how the bear does not seem to care about the wire. I wonder if his thick fur and hide make those spikes, pointless. OKAY bad joke, sorry.

Is it just me or does it look to you like this bear has done this before?

He seems to know just how to climb that fence up one side and gently lower himself down on the other side.

So let's review here:

From Alaska to Florida, bears know how to climb these fences. If it's that easy for bears to figure out then how secure are these fences, really?

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