For the record, you'll never outrun a grizzly. 

Below is one trying out outrun a car on a California highway. He doesn't beat the car but he makes it a good contest.

I was hoping the driver would call out how fast they were going but he never did.

So let's assume top speed to get an idea of what it might have been.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, a grizzly bear can get up to 35 mph. The grizzly bear is just marginally faster than the American black bear. But they can't hold that speed for very long.

Although, they can hold their top speed longer than you can hold yours. Keep that in mind.

The photo below of a bear chasing a cyclist is famous across the internet, and is also FAKE! Zoom in on the photo and you'll spot the clever photoshop.

But bears have been known to chase people on bikes.

Unless the cyclist is going downhill and peddling really fast they have no way of outrunning the bear.

attachment-bear bicycle photoshop

They look slow and lumbering when they run yet a bear will chase down a deer or an elk and take it town.

The advantage that these other animals have is they can stay fast for long periods of time.

But when they need that speed, boy do they have it.

So if you're enjoying the wilderness and you look up and see a bear, before you grab that camera, take a moment to consider how far away it is.

The bear might seem like it's at a safe distance but then again it can easily catch up to you.

So are you really far enough away?

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