Over the years, we've unfortunately had to share many moments where tourists do the wrong thing with wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. This is the opposite of that. A group of bikers shared their close encounter with a bison and they did everything right.

This video was just shared today by a group making their way through Yellowstone on two wheels. Here's what they said about their journey:

Just a quick video of some of the highlights of our ride in Yellowstone National Park. We leave the Grand Prismatic and adventure all the way to the south entrance. Along the way we come within a motorcycle length to a Bison! Between that and the lack of guard rails at the altitude we were at, the pucker factor was strong!

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How this group deals with wildlife near the road is textbook. Watch the respect they show this bison bull.

First of all, traveling through the park at a safe speed is underrated. They had plenty of time to see the bison grazing next to the road. Second, they don't take a chance of just cruising by. They stop and allow the animal to cross the road at his own pace. No horns. No getting off their bike for a selfie. Stopping and not creating a spectacle that could have caused the bison to become aggressive.

I also have to say that after seeing their video, I would love to travel through Yellowstone on a cycle at some point of my life. That uninhibited view of the landscape is breathtaking.

Well done, motorcycle friends.

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