Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws program came to Casper Wyoming this summer in July to shoot night racing at the foot of Casper Mountain.

The Discovery Channel has  just released a sneak peak in a 2 minute video on their YouTube page. The program, “Street Outlaws: Fastest In America” had a few mishaps while shooting.

You'll see one car flipping several times in this teaser, in the video above. The character known as James “Birdman” Finney was hospitalized because of that wreck.

If the people of Casper, or the city government, were hoping to get any publicity out of this, it was not shown in the promo. They claim to be "at a secret location." No mention of a city or state.

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To shoot the episodes, the Discovery Channel got permission to close 257 between Robertson Road and WY 220. You will not see much of the mountain or of Casper in the video. They staged what they needed for the show at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds during the day.

Promos are being aired now. The show will finally make it to television in mid October.

Street Outlaws began by exploring the world of illegal street racing in Oklahoma City, which boasts having "America's fastest street cars." But Discovery Channel quickly changed the nature of the show so it now legally does what was once illegal. For example, before shooting in Casper, the program approached the city of Casper to work out the details of how they could legally shoot something that would not normally be allowed.

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