Imagine waking up from a "cat nap" to find out you took it in a very bad place.

In the video above you'll see two people going for a joy ride in an ultralight aircraft. These planes are made of metal tubing and canvas. They fly very slow and can only carry a couple of people, and a cat apparently.

So, little kitty is exploring and sees an opening that allows him to crawl down the open space in the wing. Sounds cozy. Cats love spaces like this. Let's have a nap.

Apparently kitty's napping place was out of sight enough that the pilot did not see him during the preflight inspection.

Everybody straps in, the engine roars to life and begins to taxi. Imagine waking up to that. The cat hangs on for dear life down in the wing but lifting into the air causes a bit of panic.


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Watch as little kitty crawls to the wing opening, over the cockpit, and cries for help. The humans probably cant hear her, but at exactly 1 minuet into the video you'll see the pilot do a double take as he sees the cat.

No worries! The pilot turns around and lands safely. Kitty is happy to be rescued but there is still a little trouble detaching his claws from hanging on to that wing. But then she makes a jump for it and runs off. Frankly, I don't blame her. They would be pealing my fingers off too, and I would probably have to run off and change my underwear.

Doing a little math here I find that this particular kitty is down three lives. Six more to go.

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