The game is called FLUSHING FRENZY!

If you get your kids a present like this for Christmas, we can be friends.

If you play with this game more than your kids do, we can be best friends.

Yes it's sick, and wrong, but that's the point. The 'Grab The Poo' game is just the sort of fun that some families love. Others can't believe anyone would actually produce or sell something like this.

Here is how it works:

Push the plunger and dice fall out the side telling you how many times you can pump the plunger. The plunger is not hard to operate. It takes very little pressure.

After several rolls of the dice, someone will finally hit the magic number of plunges to unclog the toilet. At that moment, a little smiling turd will come flying up out of the tank in the back. 

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Now here comes the part I really like...

Once the turd is released into the air, all of the players need to try and grab it. Snagging it in midair is best but if the battle for the squishy little bugger continues to the floor, that's okay.

Tokens are awarded for being the one who got the winning plunge and also for whomever scored the turd.

At this point, the turd is reloaded into the toilet and it is time for round two.

Now the for obvious questions:

1). Who was sick enough to think of and actually design this game?

2). What toy company was sick enough to think this game was a good idea?

3). What toy store would actually sell this?

4). What sort of parent would actually buy this for their kids?

5). Why hasn't anyone invited me over to play?

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