I'm just going to say it, this kid has the best parents and family members ever! If nothing else can put a smile on your face, this clip will.

A video of a toddler being pushed on a cute little, blue rocking horse is going viral on Twitter. The video was posted by CCTV IDIOTS, but it appears it was initially shared by Zero Gravity Media.

Unfortunately, there is no sound in the video, but I'm 100% sure by the look on the little one's face, that he is elated. The video has already been viewed more than 1.1 million times and retweeted (shared) over 3100 times.

While I'm not positive if the video was taken here in Wyoming or not, with the 13 seconds that he stayed on his horse, this kiddo most definitely has rodeo in his blood. Now if we can just get him to only use one hand, I bet we have a champion in the making. "Start em young", is what they say, right?

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