Who doesn't want a house on the river?

But, then again, it's not always a great idea. Rivers do flood from time to time. Every so often they flood so much that anyone who decided to build too close to the water will lose their home.

Below are several videos of homes lost, so far, due to flooding of the Yellowstone River.

If these homeowners are honest, they knew that this was a possibility.

I'm sure their insurance companies knew it too.

I almost feel like a cold-hearted sports reporter when I say, "Let's see that same video from the other side."

It almost looks like it's happening in slow motion. Actually, it's just that the house is so big it looks slow as the river pulls it in.

Thankfully nobody was inside when this happened.

What happens in this next video is really interesting.

Not sure if it is the same house. It looks a little different to me.

The water gets under this house, lifts it up off of its foundation, and gently, or so it seems, sets it down into the river where it floats away.

As the house moves down the river, it makes a turn to flow with the river before it slowly starts to break up as it moves away.

Here is a cabin just drifting down the river as if it belongs there.

Ironically this river is called "STILLWATER."

Watch as this house casually floats down the river, mostly you will see its colorful roof slowing.

As the house moves downstream it will break up until nothing but splinters and pieces of a twisted roof are found many miles away in Montana.


In this next video, you'll hear a man cuss because he missed this bridge being ripped away by the river, by only a half-second.

Still, he was fast enough for you to get the idea of what happed, as the suspension bridge is washed away by the river.

This will give you an idea of the force of the water as it takes anything in its way downstream.

Wonder where that bridge will end up? Where will they find it?

No one was looking when the next bridge, in the video below was taken out.

You might notice a good chunk of the road is gone.

There were homes by that road. They are not there anymore.

There is that one house to the right that is on the verge of being taken. Do you think the homeowners are having second thoughts about living so close to the water?

Next is an Aerial view of flooding in Paradise Valley.

Because the homes are in an area where the river is wider there is less of a chance of a house being swept down river.

But that doesn't mean that these folks won't lose their homes.

Watch as the river rises and slowly swallows these houses and farms.

Some of these places might be salvageable. Most will be a total loss.

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