If you are parent with a kid in the school band class, look away. You don't want to see this. It will just make you mad at your kid for not being this good.


Folks first noticed them back in 2017. Lord, how young were they back then. They actually played at Nashville’s iconic Grand Ole Opry.

Green with envy? It get's worse. They sing too, and they are really --- really good.

I'm sure by now you just don't want to see any more. It's not right that anyone this young can have this much talent. Well lets make it worse by showing that they can all play multiple instruments.

Their videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube. That's probably because they are that good, but also that young.

Like most musicians they began at church and played local coffee houses. It was not long before the videos they posted on YouTube got them national attention.

You can follow them on YouTube and on their FaceBook page if you want to continue to badger  your kids for not being THIS good. You'll also love the music and you'll have a chance to watch them grow up.

So the question is, where do they go from here? Sure it's a novelty to see them so young and so good. But they will age out of that novelty. There are a lot of good musicians out there but everyone needs a hook to get the publics attention. Here's hopping they all have long, successful careers.

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