The first thing we see in this video is a Mama cat that is truly part of the family, and she knows it.

She also understands that the toddler is just a baby, like one of her kittens.

Being a responsible member of the family, Mama Cat, or maybe Aunt Catty in this case, will not let the baby of the family do something foolish.

The toddler wants to climb up on the railing of the apartment terrace to see what is on the other side. I bet Mama Cat did the same thing when she was a kitten, and almost fell off.

Since Mama Cat knows the dangers she will not allow the foolish toddler to climb up there. He keeps trying. But she keeps batting his hands down with her paws and even gently nipping at them with his teeth.

The toddler seems determined but Mama Cat is having none of it. She eventually blocks him from getting to the railing all together.

At this point, the toddler seems a bit confused, mostly about who is supposed to be in charge here. Clearly, Mama Cat is in charge.

Near the end of the video, you will see the bare feet of what I assume to be the toddler's father. He is the one shooting this video. From what little we see of him he appears relaxed, confident that Mama Cat has the situation well in hand. Sorry, paw.

Somebody get that cat a treat and go clean her litter box. She's earned it.

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