2021 was a horrible year for smoke in the state of Wyoming.

Most of the summer the sky was either milky white or yellow. My eyes burned even when sitting inside with the air-conditioner on.

We've been lucky, so far, this year.

The state is wetter and there are not as many fires out west.


There is a big fire in California and, as you can see, the upper-level winds are driving the smoke up and over Wyoming. Right now Montana is smelling it.

This will not last. Weather is forever changing and those winds will eventually drive that smoke over Wyoming.

The hope is that this smoke will stay high, and out of our lungs and eyes.

There is a fire and smoke map that you can check, daily, to see what might be over us and what might be heading our way.

The picture below was taken on 07/14/22. It shows why Wyoming has had somewhat hazy skies over the past couple of weeks.

attachment-fire and smoke map 2022

This means that we are actually experiencing smoke right now. Just nowhere near as bad as this time last year.

Currently, Wyoming has only one fire burning inside the state. That one is at the base of Laramie Peak.

This is the time of year when things get a bit hotter and dryer out west. The good news is that most of the western states had a wet spring. That helped. Now we just need to make it through the dry season.

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