Expedition Overland consists of a group of travelers set on exploring the world with their full size 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Time is passing whether you go or not. Let’s make it happen. After all, adventure is the pursuit of oneself.

In there most recent video they attack the back roads of Wyoming, specifically the Christina Lake and Grannier Meadow area outside of Lander, Wyoming.

I love that they include their kids in their adventures, and I admit to laughing more than a bit to their reactions to the freezing temperature of the lake.

I wish they would have had more time in Wyoming so they could have used their powered paragliders to check out our amazing landscapes. Maybe our windy and changeable weather made them dangerous to use?

They take some time to drop some great info if you're interested in some adventuring of your own. They recommend using trailers for carrying your gear because then you can drop them at camp and go off on your daily adventures. Using full-sized vehicles also allows you to pack extra clothes and fishing gear (and food) so you're ready for whatever comes your way.

If you're into hardcore off-roading they offer some great tips for hitting the trails and not damaging your vehicles or tires.

I'm definitely going to keep watching these guys, I can't wait to see if they make it back to Wyoming again. We have a ton of gorgeous backroads they could explore.

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