If you haven't noticed, ATV's, side by sides, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles are very popular in Wyoming.

With my recent purchase of a trail riding side by side from Casper Mountain Motorsports, finding cool places to explore has really changed for me. I like getting into nature and being able to hike, camp and enjoy the fresh air. The problem I see is, wanting to get deep into the Wyoming woods on a limited time schedule.

Not everyone wants to hike 20 miles in and 20 miles out while trying to keep an eye out for predators and other dangers, so why not jump on an off-road vehicle and save time and energy? That sounds MUCH better to me.

In Wyoming we have a little more freedom than other states when it comes to ORV's. If you have it properly registered and buy the proper permits, you can drive them right to your destination and explore all day.

The thing you may be experiencing is running the same trails in the same areas and they're getting a little boring. There's no reason to worry, because Wyoming is full of off-roading possibilities. The downside to some of these locations is, you may need to load up and haul your machine.

The Wyoming State Parks has locations and trails all over the state to explore and experience.

Wyoming ORV Trails in Parks

Here are maps and locations of Wyoming OVR locations

The website offroadingpro.com has picked 12 of Wyoming's top riding trails you may be interested in checking out too.

Here are the 12 Best Wyoming ATV Trails:

  1. Bearlodge Pit
  2. Blacktail ATV Trails
  3. Boomtown MX
  4. Shell Creek Campground
  5. Killpecker Sand Dunes
  6. Boulder Park
  7. North Shadow Mountain OHV Trail System
  8. McCullough Peaks
  9. Nowater OHV Area
  10. Poison Spider OHV Area
  11. Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail
  12. Slate Creek and Dry Dallas OHV Trail System

Of course being prepared is important too. Check out this video from Deranged Off-Road, to make sure you're ready for your adventure.

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