A recent video of an NBC Montana reporter, Deion Broxton, at Yellowstone National Park has been going viral... and for all the right reasons!

Broxton was attempting to shoot video footage at one of the Yellowstone exits when he encountered a heard of bison. The frightened reporter did the right thing and packed up shop, instead of risking life and limb with the local wildlife.

The official NBC Montana Facebook page posted the video (below) along with a message that read:

"I'm not messing with you!"
What do you do when you're trying to shoot some video in Yellowstone National Park and a herd of bison starts coming your way? Deion Broxton - NBC Montana found out today!

While this footage is humorous, Deion handled the situation like a pro! Thank you for not messing with the animals. This man deserves an award.


Here's the video of the bison that Deion took from his vehicle after he was a safe distance away.

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