I'll just say upfront that I do not mean any disrespect to anyone who eats vegan. I just don't agree with your point of view - and - YUCK!

Having said that, lets dive in and see if a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner is actually good. Below are a few videos of recipes that really don't look half bad once they are cooked and served up.

But I still say - YUCK!

Tofurkey from Scratch - here's to a green, sustainable, animal friendly Thanksgiving!

Once again I can't agree with this been "green, sustainable." We can have that debate but in my opinion it is a fallacy. Though I would bet it is good for me. But what about the taste? I'd try it if it was offered.

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I Tried To Make A Tofu Turkey Recipe

These folks, in the video above, were honest about having never tried to make a tofu turkey before. They even think it looks gross. But when they tasted it, they did not think it was all that bad.

How To Host A Vegan Thanksgiving

I'll have to hand it to the folks in this video. They did not even try to make a tofu turkey. They just made good plant based foods. It looks good. I have to admit I'd be happy to sit at that table.

I still do not agree that eating all vegan is healthy, green, or sustainable on any level. Frankly, many of the items in these videos do not even look good to me. But a few do and there are a few items I'd be willing to try - for um - research reasons.

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