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These videos are from my living room and porch.

This was NOT my trailer or project but it now sits in my front yard.

This was Glendo this weekend, not sure why but I don’t have confidence in their clean up skills…. Still waiting!

When I called to find out about clean up the owner got short and said “it’s not like we did it on purpose”….

I'm sure nobody did it "on purpose."

I'm also sure at least one employee is in BIG TROUBLE!

WELL, that new home is not making it... HOME!

I'm sure somebody had insurance.

Here is the video - BLOW BY BLOW PHOTOS are farther down.

DO NOT make fun of this unless you're a better driver than this guy.

Most of you are not.

To be fair, it did rain all weekend.

You can see storm clouds are still in the sky.

It looks to me like the edge of that gravel road gave way after the good soaking it got.

DO enjoy watching this thing go TUMBLING down the hill.

There is not much left of the trailer when it gets to the bottom.

You'll probably want to play this more than once.

I suppose the mobile home company just told the new homeowner that they would load up another and send it out to them.

attachment-Glendo Trailer 2

They probably said something like "Promise we'll make it this time."

Then they called their insurance company.

Then they started to make plans for the cleanup.

attachment-Glendo Trailer 3

So what do you think the boss had to say to the guy who was driving?

If he was fired, and I hope not, he would have to explain to his next boss what happened to him at his last job.

attachment-Glendo Trailer 4


What a mess.

attachment-Glendo Trailer 5

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