You'll see in the videos below, when the Wyoming Highway Patrol advises, "JUST DON'T" they always have a really good reason.

Wyoming interstates closed on Wednesday as the cold front moved into the state

The weather system dropped temperatures from the mid-30s to the negative-20s with in an hour.

That's the reason even Don Day of Day Weather was advising, "JUST DON'T," when it came to travel.

Below is a video shot from a Wyoming patrol car. The officer was trying to make the point that he literally could not see anything out there on the roads.

Current view from a Troopers car in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Current conditions outside of Cheyenne are -18 with zero visibility.
Please stay home if you don’t have to travel.

Again, when they say "Just Don't" there is a good reason.

It was so bad on Wednesday that the Casper Police Department declared a "snow day."

They actually posted on the CPD Facebook Page that 'due to 'an overwhelming amount of accidents being reported within the city, and due to the private wreckers on our rotation also being overwhelmed.'

The CPD could only respond to reports of crashes that involve injury-blocked traffic.

Then there was this video from the Wyoming Highway Patrol taken from in front of a police car with all of its lights on.

This officer was trying to make his car visible. It was not an easy job.

On their Facebook page, the WHP wrote,

"Nope, the Trooper didn’t make a wrong turn and end up in Antarctica. Over the last twelve hours Troopers have responded to over 787 calls for service, 196 motorists assist and 104 crashes."

From now on when the WHP or my local police say "JUST DON'T" I think I'll listen.

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