The episode might be around 6 years old, but it just ran again Sunday afternoon 03/22/21.

Greg Leischer of Green River Wyoming has been tinkering with cars, collecting and selling them for as long as he can remember. But his last car he was feeling too old to finish himself.

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In his garage sat a 1932 Ford Roadster, needed a lot of work and Greg was feeling too old to lay on his back under another car, he said.

Dave Kindig, owns the show and is head designer on the show. He said it took his team three months to complete the job.

Greg Leischer is the owner of Green River Auto Sales and has been in business since 1995. I tried pulling up that dealership on the internet but it seems that 6 years after this episode was recorded that store is no longer in business.

Mr. Leischer bought the Roadster in 2003 from an estate. He then moved to California, and did not work on it for 6 years. Later he took it to Colorado for bodywork and with no luck there, he brought his car, in parts, back to Green River. There it sat again until he followed some friends advice and handed it over to Dave Kindig of Kindig it Design in Salt Lake City.

A lot of body work was done along with a new leather interior and new color.

The only problem with watching Greg's episode is that you have to pay to do it if you want to see it off of YouTube. I've left it below for you. Here is a link to the writeup of the story in The Green River Star, which is the local newspaper from Green River, Wyoming. That is where you can see a photo of Greg with the finished car.


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