Wyoming has different traffic issues than other parts of America. Sure, many other places have slowdowns caused by construction. Here our day can come to a cold stop by miles and miles of elk just like it did recently in the western part of our state.

The video description says "western Wyoming". Honestly, it could have been just about anywhere in Wyoming.

I was able to trace the original video back to a share by Brady Jones on Wyoming By the Lens on Facebook. One comment asked if this was near Pinedale. Good guess as that area sees a lot of elk migrating south this time of year.

Migration Initiative.org shared a helpful map showing the major elk migration areas in Wyoming. It shows pretty much all of the western part of our state is a possibility.

I have not been able to pinpoint the exact location, but it really doesn't matter. A traffic jam doesn't get any more Wyoming than this one and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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