Summer is upon us and as hot as it's been already, Wyomingites have been finding all kinds of creative ways to cool off. Apparently it's not just the people, but the wildlife as well. A recent video showcases a young moose creatively finding a way to stave off the heat.

The 47-second video was uploaded and shared to the official ViralHog YouTube channel on July 6th, 2021, but actually took place on July 3rd, 2021, in Evanston, Wyoming. While 85˚ wasn't even close to one of our warmest days, this moose decided to take several laps through the sprinkler system of this home to cool down.

The video was captioned:

I was enjoying the 4th of July weekend in Wyoming, just hanging out and watering my lawn. I heard my dog bark so I looked out the window and saw this young moose playing in the sprinklers. He seemed to really be enjoying himself. Maybe he just needed to cool off?

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The utmost respects goes out to the owner of the home, for one, for not going outside and attempting to pet the animal, but for two, for keeping the water on so it could continue to play. Truly not all heroes wear capes.

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