A High Wind Event will not only create a prolonged extreme blow-over risk for enclosed trailers under 40,000 & 50,000 GVW, but it will also create blowing and drifting snow and possible Blizzard Conditions on sections of I-80 & S. Pass.

Watch road impact video, below, for details covering Wyoming! (WYDOT).

The WYDOT road forecast, which you can watch in the video below, will impact all of Wyoming, but the worst of it will be in the southern part of the state.

It's coming for I-80, as usual.

Be mindful of traveling along I-25 as the eastern part of the state will be under a high wind watch for the next few days.

Some new snow is in the forecast.

Below is the latest WYDOT road forecast with potential impacts on travel.

The winds are now busy blowing the old snow around, with that new snow joining the party as the week progresses.

Forecasters are not calling for one big winter storm but a lot of little ones that will keep us busy and keep the snow accumulating.

If you are traveling you'll want to bring winter gear, just in cast.

An accident will get you caught in sub-zero temperatures, later this week, especially at night.

The later we get into this week the colder it will get and the more snow will be added to the mix.

In some parts of Wyoming that will also mean more wind.

Below is the latest forecast for the region.

If you follow the weather on apps or your computer be careful.

A lot is going on in the weather right now and there is a lot of disagreement with the computer models and the meteorologist.

These weather systems will affect the entire nation, so it's not just Wyoming.

It's best to only trust those forecasts for a day, maybe two, in advance.

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Snow Crushes Wheatland, Wyoming Airplane Hangars

This row of hangars goes back many years. Some history was lost under a crush of snow.

March 21st, 2021. A record-breaking snowstorm had shut down most of Wyoming and was not yet done. Below is a gallery of photos as cleanup continues.

One of the small airports in Platte County, Wyoming is Phifer Airfield on Antelope Gap Road, east of Wheatland. Platte County has the Wheatland airport, along with one in Torrington and Guernsey. They were all shut down in the storm.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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