Here's one promotion that might cheer you up. Place a drive-thru order at Wendy's and you get a free Jr. Frosty!

The restaurant chain is one of several nationwide that has closed its dining room due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are still operating through their drive-thru and delivery. However, the promotion for the free frosty is only available through their drive-thru.

Typically, a Jr. Frosty only sells for roughly $1, but it's not often someone's going to turn down a free Frosty. The treat will be served as your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate and the promotion is lasting for a limited-time only, but it's likely that the free drive-thru Jr. Frosty may be sticking around for a bit, given the current operations during these times.

Wendy's is one of a few restaurant chains that has recently added some promotions. Burger King is currently giving away free kid's meals with orders. There's also Olive Garden's 'Buy One, Take One To Go' promotion. Enjoy these deals while they last, Cheyenne!

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