Shut it all down and keep it in the ground.

That's what we are told by those who think they are saving humanity and saving the planet.

But those calling for an end to coal, gas, and oil have not thought this plan all the way through.

Let's shut everything down, just like they are demanding, and see what happens.

For one, that would be the end of wind and solar power.

Many of the very materials that create those devices are made with petroleum.  Coal is needed to reach the temperatures to forge the metals.

Forget your electric car as well. Petroleum products go into the making of these things.

The reason we have the modern food supply that feeds the modern human race is because of petroleum and natural gasses.

Not just in the running of farm equipment but in the herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that allow us to make vast quantities of food, cheaply, and on much less land.

The more coal, gas, and oil we use the more clean water we have. It helps us to get to the water and also clean it, making it safe for consumption.

Walk into any hospital and look around at all of the products that are created with what some want to keep in the ground. Not just the medicines but the equipment we use to keep a person alive and heal them, including plastics that hospitals use in so many ways.

With coal, oil, and natural gas, we have transportation, a medical industry, and electronics and communications systems. This is nothing like living in the dirty diseased filled days of the middle ages.

Oil reduced infant mortality, extended life longevity from 40+ years to more than 80+, and gave the public the ability to move anywhere in the world via planes, trains, ships, and vehicles, virtually eliminated deaths from most diseases and from all forms of weather, All of that apparent “progress” can all be attributable to the introduction of coal, oil, and natural gas into society. (CFACT).

You would be surprised to learn, I bet, that the more we burn coal, gas, and oil the cleaner our air gets. That's true in developed countries like America.

That's because we are no longer burning wood to heat our homes and cook our food. We use power plants. We have learned to filter what comes out of those power plants to the point that it's mostly just steam.

Those who want to "keep it in the ground," have no backup plan.

Ending the use of coal, gas, and oil would be a threat to humanity and the planet.

Ridding the world of fossil fuels, could result in billions of fatalities from diseases, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths. Imagine the cold, misery, and loss of life under a scenario where today’s eight billion try to live in the decarbonized world in the early 1800’s without today’s products and transportation fuels? (CFACT).

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