The state of Wyoming isn’t known for doing anything without effort, it’s a hard working, tough and rugged state. So, the idea that we could have something bigger and better than other states is really, no surprise. Zippia made a list of the Biggest things each state has to offer. 

Every state has its claim to fame. 

Sometimes that dubious honor is being home to something really, really big. Or being the location of a colossal, immense quantity of an everyday object or action. Regardless, no accomplishment so big is too small to escape our notice here at Zippia. 

We scoured thousands of records (and maybe a few roadside signs) to find out what each state has that’s gigantic, ginormous, and downright mammoth. 

You can see the animal, food, action, and other bizarre items of substantial size each state boasts of in the map above, or keep reading to see our more interesting findings. 

Looking at the list, there are some good things states go big on. Idaho has the largest Straw Bale Maze, Montana claims a big Ramp Jump, Nebraska boasts about their giant Advertising sign, our noisy neighbors to the south in Colorado have the Biggest False Mustaches worn, because of course they do. What about the Cowboys State? Ours make so much sense, we are home to the Largest, Oldest National Park.  

There you have it, we’re loud and proud of our parks systems and we have the biggest. Take that, California.  

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