As with any tool, the purchase depends on what the job is. Some guns are purchased for target practice, some for hunting, some for defense.

For the purpose of this article lets look at what the #1 selling guns in Wyoming currently are. We can discuss why at another time.

This was not a scientifically based survey. Since I travel the state a lot I simply made a point to ask local gun store owners what their best sellers are. This list is based on what guns were mentioned time and time again by sellers across the state.

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The Glock G19 came in first. That is, currently, the best selling gun in America and in Wyoming, according to what I was told by local gun sellers.

The best seller for revolvers, currently, is the Colt Python.

Semi automatic rifles saw top sales for the Ruger/1022.

The best selling bolt-action in Wyoming was the Ruger American Rifle.

For the single shot rifles was the Thompson Center Impact.

Shotgun lovers seemed to like the Mossberg Maverick 88 best.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, a lot of AR-15's or knockoffs to that gun made the list. But aren't they always on it?

I guess the next question I'll have to ask is which ammunition is the best seller in Wyoming. You might think the most popular gun would also sell the most bullets, but maybe not. Perhaps people shoot one type of gun more than another. I'll go find out and let you know. Looking at a national survey it seems to be the 9mm.

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