Food trucks have been around for quite some time but may be making their biggest impact in the food industry right now. As the pandemic hasn't made it easy to dine in at restaurants, food trucks are a great option to have. So what type of food truck would you think might be thriving the most in Wyoming?

While there are a ridiculous amount of food truck businesses throughout the country, it would be tough to narrow down one specific food truck business to see what's the most popular. But instead, what type of food are Wyomingites wanting most from food trucks? Breakfast food of course! I must say that I'm the type of person that could eat breakfast food for any meal of the day so when I saw this as the result, I couldn't be more proud to be here.

The research for the data was compiled by WorkWise Software by using Google trends. The categories of food trucks were broken down by types of cuisine such as: barbecue, comfort food, Asian food, Fusion, Soul Food, American Food, Breakfast, Pizza, Thai, Dessert, Greek Food, Hawaiian, Korean Barbecue, Mexican Seafood, and Venezuelan.

It seems that Wyoming was one of only two states that picked breakfast food as their go-to food truck. Nevada was the other. The leading popular type of food truck was Barbecue as 17 states picked it as their favorite. Comfort Food was the most popular in seven states while Asian Food and Fusion were a favorite in four states each. You can check out the full list by clicking the link here.

Good choice, Wyoming! That being said, let's get breakfast!

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